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About Body Revive Chiropractic

photo of our buildingAt Body Revive Chiropractic, our mission is to increase the quality of life for as many patients as possible through adjustments and education. We empower you with personalized training to care for the specific needs of your body.

We’re inspired by the values of Taoism and the wonder of watching our patients’ health improve naturally. We believe in living in the present and treating your body with respect.

The team at Body Revive Chiropractic is honored to operate in collaboration with Alamitos Back Pain Center and Dr. Ward Henry. Dr. Shahba started Body Revive Chiropractic upon Dr. Henry’s retirement and carries on the same principles instilled in him by his predecessor. You will find the same thorough care that you receive at Alamitos Back Pain Center with Body Revive Chiropractic.

Our positive, happy vibe makes you want to continue to visit the clinic, as your body experiences a total health transformation without any medication or surgery.


Helping Athletes Improve Their Game

We’ve seen athletes throughout Los Alamitos and Cypress start performing better after receiving care. One time, a 22-year-old player saw Dr. Shahba working with other athletes at a basketball game and asked Dr. Shahba about some difficulty he was having with throwing the ball. Dr. Shahba figured out that improper workouts and stretches had decreased the range of motion in the player’s wrist and ankle. After a month and a half of care, he had regained full range of motion and was able to play at his peak again.

Dr Reza using tool on patients knee

A Legacy of Unmatched Care

Body Revive Chiropractic has been helping patients regain their health naturally for 40 years. Dr. Shahba first discovered this practice after his wife had a bad fall, resulting in a concussion. The previous chiropractor, Dr. Henry, relieved a migraine she’d had for two months with just one adjustment.

Dr. Shahba had studied kinesiology, so chiropractic work intrigued him. He began watching his wife receive adjustments and was soon shadowing Dr. Henry to learn his approach to sports care. After attending chiropractic school, Dr. Shahba spent two years practicing with Dr. Henry.

By learning every detail of Dr. Henry’s unique protocols, he gained 40 years’ worth of knowledge and experience. Now that Dr. Henry has retired, Dr. Shahba is proud to pick up where his predecessor left off with expert chiropractic care and sports care for patients of all ages.

Enjoy Your Best Health Now

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