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Meet Dr. Reza Shahba

Dr. Shahba loves his job because it allows him to help people get out of pain. For him there’s nothing better than hearing a patient say “Wow, I feel different!”

His journey in health care started as a child growing up in Iran. Dr. Shahba’s mom passed away when he was just 9. Shortly afterwards, his dad went through serious health issues that left him in chronic pain. Many practitioners visited the house, using different techniques to help him feel better. As his father began experiencing a more comfortable quality of life, Dr. Shahba’s older brothers noticed his interest in the recovery process and encouraged him that he would grow up to help people in the same way.

Discovering Natural Pain Relief

After immigrating to the United States in 2008, Dr. Shahba studied kinesiology with plans to become a physical therapist. However, when his wife suffered a slip and fall and received a debilitating concussion, they sought care from Dr. Ward Henry at Alamitos Back Pain Center. When Dr. Henry helped his wife completely recover from chronic migraines, neck and back pain, and regain her balance, he realized that chiropractic care would give him more options to help patients heal naturally, without a referral from a medical doctor.

Dr. Shahba started working alongside Dr. Henry at Alamitos Back Pain Center in 2020. When Dr. Shahba graduated from chiropractic school in 2021, he established his own practice, Body Revive Chiropractic. These two practices have since merged, with Dr. Shahba at the helm after Dr. Henry’s retirement.

Dr. Shahba believes in natural healing because he’s seen it work over & over again. His passion is to help patients trigger their own body’s healing response to bring them back to exceptional health, without adding alien substances into the body.

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Personal, One-on-One Care

Dr. Shahba is comfortable to talk to, and he cares about all his patients. People find him easy to trust, as he goes the extra mile to get to the bottom of what’s going on and provide any information, therapy, or resource you may need, even if it’s a referral to another specialist. When he’s not at the office, he loves outdoor activities like hiking.

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