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New Patients at Body Revive Chiropractic

Preparing for Your First Appointment

Smiling patient completing paperworkWear something comfortable so we can move you around during the evaluation. It’s helpful if we can easily access the area where you’re experiencing pain or problems, but we have a gown you can change into if necessary.

Feel free to fill out your intake paperwork in advance at home, or arrive a few minutes early so you can get it done.

Your First Appointment

Dr. Shahba will start by talking to you about your health problem, when it started, and how it’s been affecting your life. After that, he’ll do a full body evaluation, a lifestyle assessment, and an emotional stress test, check your blood pressure, and discuss any health complications you’ve had in the past.

If we need imaging, we’ll refer you out for X-rays to a clinic less than a five-minute walk from Body Revive Chiropractic. We may also refer you for an MRI if you’re experiencing unusually severe pain.

Once we’ve finished our orthopedic exam, we’ll go through our report of findings. Dr. Shahba explains what the problem is & what we can do to help you fix it, so you leave with a detailed understanding of the steps you can take to improve your health. This first visit lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Regular Appointments

Your second visit will be more like a regular appointment as we start your care plan, giving any adjustments and muscle work you need. Regular appointments typically take 15-20 minutes, unless you need extra therapies.

Our fees are comparable to other practices in the area. We accept all major credit cards and offer family plans, as well as discounts for military and first responders. We’ll discuss finances with you at the end of your first appointment, once we know how many visits you need to effectively respond to your condition.

Reclaim Your Health Today

No one has to live in pain every day. Schedule your appointment now, so we can start finding answers for what’s wrong.


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