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Shockwave Therapy in Los Alamitos & Cypress

shockwave treatment on persons kneeShockwave therapy is a cutting-edge healing modality that uses sound waves at a particular frequency to help reduce chronic pain. At Body Revive Chiropractic, we offer this powerful healing therapy to our patients with long-standing pain in muscles and other soft tissues.

How It Works

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free way to help stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. We use a handheld device to direct the sound waves into the affected tissues. Working at a cellular level, the sound waves stimulate blood flow to the area. This increased blood flow brings healing nutrients to the damaged tissues and also works to reduce inflammation. As the inflammation diminishes, your pain is reduced.

The session lasts 20 minutes and can be combined with chiropractic care & other healing modalities. Most people experience some relief after the first session, with full results after five to six sessions. Unfortunately, insurance does not yet cover this treatment.

Our Approach

We have some additional paperwork for you to complete for this service. We ask that you wear loose clothing because the shockwave device has to be in contact with your skin. Dr. Shahba will explain how this therapy works and how he thinks it can help with your situation, then he’ll demonstrate it on himself so you know exactly what to expect. While shockwave therapy is typically not painful, most patients describe it as a bit uncomfortable—similar to what you might feel in a deep tissue massage. You may feel a little sore after your treatment, but this soreness is temporary.

What Are Some Benefits?

This treatment can often be very helpful for patients who have had any kind of muscle or soft tissue pain for a long time. In addition, it may help with conditions such as erectile dysfunction, as it breaks up scar tissue and increases blood flow.

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